Ask for A Safe State

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Call on NSW political parties, politicians and political candidates to make NSW A Safe State!

To NSW political parties, politicians and political candidates,


We believe every person has the right to be safe and to live free from violence. Yet one in five women experience sexual violence and one in four women experience violence by a current or former partner. This is why we are calling on you to make NSW A Safe State.


Will you commit to:

1. Create cultural change to prevent violence and promote gender equality.
2. Provide immediate and ongoing support for people experiencing violence.
3. Ensure people experiencing violence have a safe home.
4. Ensure people experiencing violence can access justice safely.
5. Enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples to lead change to end violence.
6. Be accountable to specialist workers and the wider community.


Will you make NSW A Safe State by acting on the 49 recommendations for change?


Can you use your power and influence to make this a priority issue for the upcoming NSW election?


A Safe State has been developed by the NSW Women's Alliance, which brings together a range of organisations working with women and children experiencing sexual, domestic and family violence. You can find the full policy platform at


I hope you will stand with us to make NSW safe for everyone.




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